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If you have been turned down for credit recently, your credit report is the first place to look. You may have been turned down for something as simple as you aren't registered on the electoral roll at your current address!
If you are thinking about applying for a mortgage, credit card or loan it's a good idea to check your credit report is up-to-date and correct to put yourself in the best possible position to be accepted.
You might have been offered uncompetitive rates or been turned down for credit due to mistakes on your credit report. You should check your report regularly to make sure it's up-to-date and correct it here
We are all aware of how important it is to keep our personal details safe, but if they do fall into the wrong hands you need to act fast. We will continuously monitor your credit report and will send you an email alert if there are any important changes such as an address change or a new credit account and if you see anything suspicious you can act fast. Our Victims of Fraud service is at hand to help if you do detect ID theft.

Callcredit on credit reports

Callcredit Check is an online credit report monitoring service which can help you understand your credit rating and alert you to ID theft fast. Callcredit is a UK credit reference agency. A credit reference agency collects and stores details about you and your personal credit history to assist lenders in making a decision on whether to give you credit. The other credit reference agencies in the UK include Experian and Equifax.

Along with being able to access your up-to-date personal credit file at anytime; you will receive a credit score and credit rating that will tell you where you stand when you come to apply for credit. Your credit status is built from a combination of public data, the payment history of your financial accounts, credit searches on your file and financial links to you. At Callcredit our aim is to give you the tools to understand your credit check and become the credit expert.

Callcredit on debt

Debt is a word that comes to mind when talking about the current economic climate. As individuals, the best way to deal with debt is to get organised and plan how to consolidate and reduce your debt. Your credit report allows you to review all your credit commitments in one place and then make changes to reduce your debt.

Callcredit on ID theft

Identity fraud is a growing crime in the UK, that's why it's important for us all to be careful with our personal information. You can detect ID theft fast with Callcredit Check. We will send you an email when there are key changes on your credit file and if these look fraudulent you can take action quickly. With our Victims of Fraud service we will get in touch with the other credit reference agencies to make them aware that fraud is happening in your name and provide you with all the expert advice you need.

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